The Power of Doing Nothing

Most people are aware of cycles, look to nature, and you will see a natural rhythm to things. Often people don’t think those cycles and rhythms apply to all areas of their lives. We aren’t mean to be going at full speed nonstop. Trying to do everything on our own and helping others with their stuff too. Attempting to do too much for too long can have very a negative impact on our health, relationships, our entire lives.

 It can take a lot of courage to stop and rest. Especially with how much importance the world puts on staying busy. We are taught to keep moving no matter what or risk seen as lazy. But what if stopping to do nothing is one of the best things you could do for yourself. In times of high stress, it can seem counterintuitive to stop and relax. So many spinning anxious thoughts. Feeling you need to do something. Thinking you must keep moving or things will fall apart. Its often at those times we need to stop and do nothing the most.

Remember a time you had way too many things going on at once, you finally snapped and just dropped it all. You completely reached your limit, your physical body couldn’t do anymore, and your mental capacities were maxed out. Finally, you just didn’t care anymore; I look at it as dropping the resistance. I’m sure you had no idea how things were going to work out, but you knew what you’d been doing wasn’t working, and you surrendered. What happens in those moments is that you remember that the Universe loves and supports you and that you do not have to do everything alone and you don’t have to do things in a hard struggling way. When you stop pushing you to allow new energies of ease and flow into your reality, but you have to stop pushing first.


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