About Althea

By having morphed a lifetime of intuitive awareness and healing abilities into a beautiful healing practice, I’m able to help others achieve a life of peace, relief and love, the likes of which I have manifested for myself. Providing a space for people to heal and step into their power is an important aspect of my life’s work! 

I mastered quantum energy healing, hypnotherapy, and spent years studying various metaphysical and energetic healing modalities. Through these modalities I was able to combat and overcome obesity, Agoraphobia (fear of leaving my home/open spaces), social anxiety and depression that I had for the majority of my childhood and young adult life! I am not alone. Many face similar, if not identical, experiences every day. 

Due to my experiences and those close to me throughout the years, I was able to handcraft a healing technique that encompasses all, and is quintessentially Althea. Through this technique, my clients and I work together to eradicate stress, health issues, disorders, negative thoughts, and a general “stuck” feeling out of their lives. 

My motto and what I like to remind everyone in my clearing sessions is “There’s no need to struggle. Things can be easy and fun”.


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