Self-talk, How's yours ?

How do you feel when given a compliment? Do you receive it quickly or directly and say "Thank You"? Or perhaps you deflect it. Do you then feel obligated to compliment them back or even finding fault with whatever you were complimented? These are all signs that your self-talk could likely use a bit of adjusting.


Have you ever stopped to take notice of how you’re thinking about yourself? What you say out loud is essential too, but all those thoughts that float through your head unspoken each day are having a significant impact on your self-image AND your life. Now there are always exceptions to the rules, but you may have noticed negative things you think about yourself, well, you’d never tolerate another person speaking to you in that manner. So why do you allow yourself to put you down?

Since the theme this month is Letting Go, I’m inviting you to let go of all the crappy self-talk you’re involved in each day. Its certainly you’re choice, no need to stop tearing yourself down, but if you choose to stop it now, your entire world will change. Your life can quickly become happier, more relaxed and more fulfilling. Loving and accepting yourself no matter what is the most important and fulfilling thing you can choose. Its an ongoing element of catching what thoughts you’re thinking. Noticing if you enjoy how those ideas impact you and if they don’t feel right, change them right then and there.

If you do decide to start being more aware of your thoughts, please avoid using what you uncover as a way to beat up on yourself. We pick up on tons of views from other people, and we are encouraged to keep ourselves small and humble. All that contributes to sabotaging ourselves with negative self-talk. So, notice what you’re saying to yourself. If its mean enough that you probably wouldn’t say it out loud to another, maybe stop thinking it about yourself. Find something, anything to appreciate about you and see how that expands your world.

Have a wonderful week full of loving and appreciating yourself :-)



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