Dynamic Family

This week I’d like to focus on family! We all have them whether we like it or not.

The dynamics of each family are different and can certainly be a source of stress, struggle, and stuck-ness for many. As children, we want to make our parents, grandparents and other family members happy and proud of us. We depend on them for survival and need them to be accepting of us or risk being ostracized. 

A very common thing I see and remember doing myself as a child is processing for my parents. How many times do you watch very young kids throwing a fit and wonder what is going on, why can't they control their child better?! Well, most often they are processing feelings and emotions that their parents are squishing down and avoiding. Kids are super aware of energies and emotions, even if they are unable to express verbally. That pattern of the child taking on their parents pain and suffering started long ago and is passed down in the bloodline. I see this in the DNA and until someone in the family has the awareness and decides they want to change this, it will likely continue. 

So often clients will tell me how frustrated and stressed they often feel around family. I hear stories like, I did everything my parents wanted me to, good grades in school, perfect job, according to them, married at the correct age, etc. But why are they still not happy with me? It is energy! I see so many energy entanglements and obligations between family members its amazing! And the promises, expectations, and judgments run deep! If we don't clear these things up, we generally will keep doing "all the right things" yet still feel not good enough and unsatisfied. We can't live our lives based on what others want or think we should do. The energies are quickly shifted and released in a session and then you are free to know what you'd like to create and have in your life, rather than functioning from a default family pattern that doesn't fit your ideal life. 

Since family is such a big topic for basically everyone, I was inspired to create anew empowerment audio to help you release any stifling energies and patterns involving family and bring in fresh new energy to begin creating your life as YOU would like it to be! 

Creating fresh, new energy!  As always, I aim to empower you. I am available to assist you with a personal clearing and I have also created a new empowerment audio, FAMILY CLEARING ! 

Until next time, enjoy allowing more ease and joy into your life :-)


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