Time to Rest

This time of the year most people feel they require more sleep. Our sleep/wake cycles are regulated by light, so it makes perfect sense if we have less light each day, we feel sleepier [this is a fact]. I won't be going into ALL of that, but feel free to do your research if you like :-) I do want to mention how many of us don’t honor our bodies signals for more rest and push ourselves to do even more. 


Your body is not trying to trick you. If you feel tired and sleepy, you simply need more rest. Your body is not some annoying enemy always getting in your way with all its wants and requirements. It's funny that we naturally require more rest and quiet time during the holiday season! How can you possibly give yourself more sleep when you have all these parties, meetings, lines to wait in to buy gifts, heck you can barely find time to feed yourself in a day let alone take a nap.

When you stop, listen to your bodies needs and honor them life gets so much easier. I know we have all found ourselves rushing around stuck in traffic going here and there trying to please everyone by doing what they want. But what about you? What do you want? Do you want to sit in traffic going to the mall to stand in line for an hour? Do you want to have that conversation on the phone with your complaining family member? You’re not required to do any of this. Drop the guilt and do what feels right for you in each situation. Stop, take a slow deep breath and check in with yourself for a moment before making any choices; especially those that feel like added stress as soon as it is mention, that might be a clue ;-)

I have needed much more alone time and sleep. I am happy to give my body what it needs because I know when I don’t, I can get resentful and pretty grouchy (no fun for anyone). I love helping people, yet I must put myself first, practice what I preach. I know many of you have families expecting you to do this and that.  It can feel like there is no way you can rest or take time for yourself, but please, if nothing else, just cut out a few extra things that aren’t necessary and allow yourself to do something just for you, something that feeds your soul. Now I’m going to take a nap, hope you all have a wonderful week!!!





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