The War Within

We’ve all had moments of feeling like we hate ourselves, fear that others hate us or we hate things we have done. It is a part of life to experience a myriad of emotions, feelings, and thoughts. We get to reflect upon our actions and make adjustments to those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs when we want to create a different experience in our reality. That’s all great if used to positively to adjust our points of view.

But what often happens is we find we are in a war with ourselves. We call this self-sabotage and its one of the biggest things distracting us from consciously choosing to create our lives. Sabotage comes in many forms, but no matter the form it takes it is meant to keep you stuck and spinning.

Let’s take shame for instance. We have all felt shame before. But what about when it becomes irrational shame? Have you ever felt like you needed to keep a secret from everyone because if they knew your secret they would certainly chastise you and never speak to you again? Then you finally build up the courage to share your shame with someone and they sorta laugh or look at you perplexed, wondering what the big deal was? You just spent days, months, or even years hiding something that wasn’t even a big deal. It doesn’t have to be the way, clearing the energy around trapped emotions is super fast and positively life changing!

Another great way we sabotage ourselves is through other people. Ever had tons of things to finish, you’re on a roll and then the phone rings!? Uh Ohh the person on the other end has drama galore, and while you’re talking with them you have 3 texts messages come in from others who have problems too!! Hilarious I know, and it seems like you are just being a good person by helping them out. You can’t say no.

That would be rude, right? Notice if this happens to you when you are almost finishing up big projects, or my favorite is when I have just had an influx of exciting opportunities! Think about it, you’re not gonna get much accomplished when everybody and their mom suddenly is having a meltdown. It is not usually about them, people are always going to have stuff going on. It is about your beliefs. You couldn’t possibly say yes to all these fantastic things being offered when you have friends and family who need you. And so the sabotage begins. You miss the meetings, don’t finish the proposal, or don’t get enough sleep the night before the presentation. And the cycle of sabotage wins again. Or does it?

Self-love is the greatest love of all. When you begin to recognize your triggers and sabotage patterns you can choose something different. Say no! And change the patterns forever. Sometimes while being kind to others we forget to be kind to ourselves. Love YOU :-)


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