The Power of Your Body

When you think about your body what is the first thing that comes to mind?  If your first thought wasn’t very positive or uplifting you’re not alone.  Self loathing is rampant in most parts of the world.  And I could easily say that judgements of our bodies is the #1 thing I hear about most from clients, friends and family.  One of my greatest intentions in my life is to help others to truly love and appreciate their bodies more. May you find inspiration in this blog :-)

As I’m writing this I have tears in my eyes.  I struggled for so many years being overweight and in pain.  At one point, I could barely walk any short distance without becoming out of breath and my legs experiencing shooting pains.  I had no idea how I was ever going to lose weight when I could barely move.  At this point I had no choice but to start trusting my body; knowing that it could make the changes I wanted and trusting that my body was powerful enough. I knew how to create those changes. I simply had to stop trying to control my body and stop giving it commands to feel tired, in pain and gaining weight.  I had gotten myself into a loop of expecting things to continue as they had been, I mean it was reality that I felt and looked like crap.  Gotta face reality, right?   Nope, we create reality and something finally clicked  on inside of me and I decided to start seeing my body as my friend instead of some annoying thing that I had to feed, water and move.

I had a chiropractor tell me once that our bodies are so powerful that they could take a nutritionally empty food, he mentioned an Oreo cookie, and make it into a vibrantly healthy cell for our eyes.  Yes, it could be a cell for any part of your body, he just mentioned eyes.  I was so blown away by the fact that my body had been taking whatever food, often junk, meaning it had no nutrition, and keep me alive and functioning!! 

Think of all the times you went many hours without eating, even though you knew you were hungry, didn’t drink enough water, the late nights and early mornings.  All of those things take a toll on your body.  But, your body keeps you alive and functioning regardless!  Take a moment now to think of all the things your body does without your conscious input.  Some things include, breathing, blinking, and digesting food.  And those are just some surface level basic actions.  Imagine all the countless things happening at the cellular and subatomic levels!!!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change certain things about your body.  But, you can do that more easily by not tearing your body apart.  Take some time this week to love those parts of your body that you say you hate; love those parts even more.   From my own personal experience, I know that loving your body how it is right now is the key to changing it.  Thank your body often.  Ask your body to work with you as your best friend.  It may sound crazy but it works!  Your body is powerful and amazing right now! 

As always, much love to you all!  Love them bodies :)







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