But, I can't do it!

I hear it all the time. I can’t do this or I just can’t do that. Heck i’ve even said it to myself more times than I care to count. We tell ourselves that certain things don’t matter, we will get to it tomorrow, but it often never gets completed. A common theme under all of this is perfectionism, which is actually a pretty interesting sabotage pattern. There is no perfection, in comparison to what or whom? So what a great way for you to at least be right and succeed at failing! You can say, see I told you i couldn’t do it and here’s the proof!

One thing I’ve notice with individuals who choose to perpetually make excuses is that they seem to be quite annoyed or shocked when other people are actually doing things. Years ago a friend of mine would constantly have an ongoing list of things she was going to do, but when it came time to take any sort of action she had a never-ending catalog of excuses as to why she couldn’t do it. She was so caught up in thought loops and stories and was automatically fighting so hard to validate why she was so stuck in life , that she couldn’t even hear anything I was saying. 

Now, even if you can see where others are making excuses and try to help by pointing it out to them, they may not listen. That’s fine, its not your job to create their life for them, do what you can and walk away when you know your words aren’t wanted or appreciated. But, what can you do for yourself when you are caught in the excuses loop? First realize that everyone makes excuses at some point in life, be happy that you’re even aware and willing to shift things. Also, know that for everyone good justifiable excuse you have as to why you can’t do it, there are just as many if not more ways and perspectives oh how you could!

So let’s say you’re too tired, allow yourself to take some action towards a goal for 20 minutes then rest or do something fun for 20 min after. If you feel insecure or that you need more info before moving forward, take steps to gather more info. That could be as simple as calling someone that knows about the subject or doing some research online. the point is to take small actions in the direction you want to do, rather than, expecting yourself to already be to the goal and overwhelming yourself.

One thing that helps me tremendously is finding a way to have fun while doing things I don’t necessarily want to do. How to do that? Just find any small thing about it that you can enjoy, you could listen to music you love when doing it, dance, have a friend help you or even focusing on how awesome you’re going to feel when its all done! There an old quote  that says “Through Discipline Comes Freedom.” One of my favorites, and as crazy as it may sound, its so true! Invest time in yourself stop talking about it and be about it! This week dust off your old list of ideas, dreams and goals and start taking inspired action each day on them. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, I promise, if you stick with it, the things that used to scare you will be the things that you now master with ease. Have a fantastic weekend!!



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