Moody You

Feb 01, 2018

Have you ever tried to force yourself to stay in a good mood? Feels pretty awful huh? With all the talk of being positive, it can come across that we should be aiming for an exuberant mood shooting sunshine out of all our orifices all day and night. To be in a fantastic mood all the time is very unrealistic and sets us up for feeling like failures. Our moods and vibration naturally fluctuate all the time. So please be easy on yourself and realize that you do not have to be “perfect” happy or smiling all the time in order to have a fabulous life. Actually being easy on yourself and accepting that sometimes you’ll be in a crappy mood will allow you to get out of the lower vibrations even faster :-)

We each have a vibrational set point that we don’t go very far above or below. We tend to have similar thoughts, feelings and focus on the same things day after day. Those thoughts are in the general range of our current set point. But we can change our set...

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The Body You Love

Nov 17, 2017

Let’s talk about your amazing body! I know some of you probably thought, what the hell is she talking about? My body isn’t amazing. Its too big here, too little there, pain in this area; all sorts of things wrong with it.

Ok, now that we got the body shaming out of the way; can you find one thing you like about your body? Just one. It could be your eyes, you have great toes or the way your nose crinkles when you smile!  

If you found it difficult to find anything about your body you like, you’re not alone. This world teaches us to hate our bodies, look for things wrong with it and compare it to others.

I used to think something was wrong with me because I had pores on my face but the people in the magazines did not. Until I realized they were heavily made up and photo-shopped to look that way! We are constantly bombarded with images of bodies that are the example of what were are supposed to look like. Rather than look to others for validation, have...

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Pay It Forward

Nov 09, 2017

In last weeks blog I mentioned taking a look at all the things in your life you could be grateful for. So now that you've done that, and even if you haven't, lets look at ways we can spread the appreciation and gratitude to those around us.

Donating tangible objects, our time/expertise and simply sending kind thoughts towards someone are all fantastic ways to pay it forward.

Look around your home or office. Do you notice some things that you're done with? Perhaps you loved them at one time but they just aren't a reflection of what you want around your space any longer. Do you realize that even if you are done with the, painting, book, clothing item, etc; that it could be exactly what someone else is dreaming of having?! Be honest with yourself and let go of items that you never use or feel obligated to keep because someone gave it to you, or you spent a lot of money on it. Allow someone else to truly enjoy the item instead. When you release them it opens space for things you...

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What's good ?

Nov 02, 2017

How often do you take a moment to appreciate the things and people in your life? Maybe your answer was never, I don’t know or there’s nothing to appreciate in my life right now. Those answers are fine, they show you where you’re currently focused. However; continuing to think like that will only keep you stuck in more of the same.

We live In a world where we’re bombarded with messages that nothing is quite good enough and we always need more. Don’t get me wrong, having goals and dreams is fantastic and important to an expansive happy life. But, so is regularly acknowledging what is “right & good”  in your life. It is common to hear people going on about how bad things are and that one day they will be happy. One day? The day when they have said goal accomplished…but that day will never come. Yea sure, you may very well reach your goal but then you’ll feel that’s no longer good enough and start...

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