The Body You Love

Let’s talk about your amazing body! I know some of you probably thought, what the hell is she talking about? My body isn’t amazing. Its too big here, too little there, pain in this area; all sorts of things wrong with it.

Ok, now that we got the body shaming out of the way; can you find one thing you like about your body? Just one. It could be your eyes, you have great toes or the way your nose crinkles when you smile!  

If you found it difficult to find anything about your body you like, you’re not alone. This world teaches us to hate our bodies, look for things wrong with it and compare it to others.

I used to think something was wrong with me because I had pores on my face but the people in the magazines did not. Until I realized they were heavily made up and photo-shopped to look that way! We are constantly bombarded with images of bodies that are the example of what were are supposed to look like. Rather than look to others for validation, have you ever asked your body what it would like to look like? May sound crazy but your body is always receiving information and commands from you. I wonder what you’d notice if you start really paying attention to the things you say to your body..hmmm. Maybe you’re not very kind to yourself. Maybe now is the time to change that.

Since the holidays are here and lots of focus on food happens at this time. I’d like to suggest you play around with asking your body what it wants to eat. The more you talk to your body the easier it will be to actually hear and know the answer. It is very easy to get caught up in all the energy of others who may be hungry and excited about all the food. And you may think that its your body wanting to eat. But it could be you picking up on other peoples thoughts and feelings.

Also, pay attention to any ways that you think certain foods are good or bad. They are not, food is simply food, yet your body does have a preference for certain things. And instead of saying a food is bad or good because a “professional” told you so, ask your body if it likes it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried a “healthy” food only to have my body respond in a strong way telling me it did not like it! Start trusting your body more:-)

Last thing I’d like to mention is how simply loving and appreciating your body each day can be life changing! Taking a moment to truly love and appreciate something about yourself and noticing all the amazing things your body does. Does this consistently with drastically raise your vibration. You can’t hate you body and expect to change it to look or feel how you want. You have to love your body right now as it is!

Give yourself permission to enjoy your food, your body and your life :-)




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