Moody You

Have you ever tried to force yourself to stay in a good mood? Feels pretty awful huh? With all the talk of being positive, it can come across that we should be aiming for an exuberant mood shooting sunshine out of all our orifices all day and night. To be in a fantastic mood all the time is very unrealistic and sets us up for feeling like failures. Our moods and vibration naturally fluctuate all the time. So please be easy on yourself and realize that you do not have to be “perfect” happy or smiling all the time in order to have a fabulous life. Actually being easy on yourself and accepting that sometimes you’ll be in a crappy mood will allow you to get out of the lower vibrations even faster :-)

We each have a vibrational set point that we don’t go very far above or below. We tend to have similar thoughts, feelings and focus on the same things day after day. Those thoughts are in the general range of our current set point. But we can change our set point whenever we choose. It's not difficult, it just takes practice and there’s no getting around practice. People often come to me for sessions and say that they just want things to be better and stay that way. Well, part of living is that things fluctuate, there’s nothing wrong with the fluctuations but we tend to judge them as wrong.We get to create our experiences and our reactions moment by moment, this is how we are designing our lives.


Do you really want to be stuck in the same space and mood forever? Me neither, I look at it like this, maybe sometimes I do want to be in a bad mood, even if for only a few minutes. It’s my choice to experience whatever I want and then choose something else. We have all energies available to us to play around in and you get to choose which ones you like best and want to spend the majority of your time in.


As I'm writing this I’m actually in some pain from an injury I acquired this morning trying to put on some skinny jeans! No joke, I pulled a muscle and have a knee brace on now, Yet I'm actually in a pretty great mood. I know I’m able to stay in a better mood, even while in pain because I practice each day focusing and refocusing on things that feel good. I could easily sit here and be annoyed. Thinking of all the things I could be doing if I wasn’t hobbling as I walk.


And I did complain for a few minutes but then I realized I just wanted to feel better and I have control of what I’m going to give my attention to. So I began taking inventory of all the great things in my life. I am very healthy, I have plenty of food to eat, I live in gorgeous Los Angeles and my leg is still attached to my body, although it hurts a bit. I’m not saying I haven’t had to refocus a few times because I did have to. But the changes in how I feel when finding things to appreciate have been pretty instantaneous. Each time I’ve caught myself going into complaining I notice a dip in my mood and my pulled leg muscle starts to flare up. Those are my clues and invitation to raise up my vibe or ride the train to a further bad mood.


This week pay attention to how much you judge or easily allow yourself to go through different moods. The good, the bad and the ugly, just feel your feelings and let them roll on by. As always have fun playing around with the awarenesses you have. Much love to you all :-) 



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