What's good ?

How often do you take a moment to appreciate the things and people in your life? Maybe your answer was never, I don’t know or there’s nothing to appreciate in my life right now. Those answers are fine, they show you where you’re currently focused. However; continuing to think like that will only keep you stuck in more of the same.

We live In a world where we’re bombarded with messages that nothing is quite good enough and we always need more. Don’t get me wrong, having goals and dreams is fantastic and important to an expansive happy life. But, so is regularly acknowledging what is “right & good”  in your life. It is common to hear people going on about how bad things are and that one day they will be happy. One day? The day when they have said goal accomplished…but that day will never come. Yea sure, you may very well reach your goal but then you’ll feel that’s no longer good enough and start focusing on another reason to be unsatisfied with your life. Sound familiar to anyone? 

Having new dreams and goals is not a problem, things get messed up when we are so focused on what could have been or might be in the future that we don’t stop to notice the amazing things in our reality right now. Take a moment and realize YOU created all of it! OK, so how many of you immediately went into the thought of how many things you don’t like and beat yourself up for creating it? LOL Now, can you start to see all the things you love and that are amazing in your life?

YOU created those too! Focus more on those things and more things to appreciate will show up in your life.I know it sounds too simple,but it is true. You can’t focus on things you don’t like and get what you do like. It doesn’t work like that.

Pay attention to anything and everything you can love,appreciate and be thankful for and watch how fast more things to love and appreciate appear in your life. 

Have a great week, I love and appreciate you very much :-)


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