Nothing Else Matters

Happy New Year to everyone! I know many of you are focused on your resolutions, so I wanted to take a moment and talk about what I feel is the most important resolution of all! Making sure you are healthy :-) Yes, health is absolutely by far the most important thing. If you're not feeling well, you cannot function properly, and that affects every single area of your life. What I find interested is that so many people will run themselves ragged, skipping meals, not moving their bodies, not sleeping enough and then they are baffled as to why things aren't going very smoothly in their lives.

When you honor yourself and your body by taking the time to eat balanced meals, get enough uninterrupted sleep and maybe even go for a walk, you will be astounded at how much easier everything in your life becomes. Think about it, you can't enjoy your loved ones if you're in pain, or grouchy from sleep deprivation. I say this a lot, but you really must put yourself first. If any of you are still feeling guilty about self-care, look at it this way, if you don't take good care of yourself, you could be sick, and others will be burdened to take care of you. It does not benefit anyone if you deny the essential basic needs of your body, mind, and spirit, so stop neglecting yourself now!

Be the person that inspires others to love and care for themselves more. If you haven't been good at taking care of yourself, start off slow. Be nice to yourself first and foremost. No beating you up about why you didn't do things sooner, just start now. Add one thing each week. So this week add a walk or a few steps, depending on your current activity level. Next week you can make sure you get more quality sleep, be aware of things that have been preventing you from a good sleep and make adjustments. The following week could be focused on adding more nutrient dense foods to your meals. Notice I didn't say stop eating ice cream, chips, etc. Nope, add more nutritious foods first. Ease into all these changes, and you will be much more likely to stick to the healthy new habits long term.

Thank you all so much for making last year so amazing! I am honored to be able to help and inspire each of you in any little way possible. If you've read my website, watched any of my videos or know me at all, you see that health on all levels is imperative to me. I created an Empowerment Audio specifically for a healthier body. If you feel that may be of interest to you, please check it out here( ADD LINK) here's to your healthiest year ever!!




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