Lean Back

ease peaceful relax trust Mar 01, 2017

The last few weeks have been busy for me. I love keeping busy, creating and moving forward in my life, but, at times, it would cause me to feel overloaded. We all have responsibilities and a lot going on, which can feel like we’re being pulled in a hundred different directions at once. Yes, I’d be aware that I was starting to feel frantic and worried, not my usual state, but I sort of bought into the idea that busy equals stress!

Now whenever I find myself rushing, I know I have to stop and slow down immediately! Even if I’m driving during peak traffic and everyone is rushing I slow down or stop. Hurrying to answer emails, phone calls, just anytime I was doing things with that energy of I don’t have time. This past week I kept hearing “ slow down Althea, you’re making things difficult when they don’t need to be.” After I heard that, I also became aware of how energy was moving in my body when I thought everything was a race. 


I noticed that I was feeling energy lightly spinning upwards into my chest, rather than down, which caused me to feel lightheaded and unfocused. As the energy was about to really twirl into my head; I heard to ground it back down towards my feet and allow things to be easy. I looked at my body and could see that I was physically leaning forward. Since I was a child, I’ve had a strong warrior energy, pushing forward. It felt normal for me to get things done, gotta make things happen and it certainly showed as I was beginning to look like a ram going into battle. Although this was a familiar old pattern, this time it felt so uncomfortable to me.

As soon as realized what I was doing, I stopped and leaned back! I physically leaned as far back as I possibly could, without falling over, and my entire body relaxed, and the agitated, stressed thoughts stopped. I know that I am always loved and supported and that I can just allow things to happen and flow with ease. Now when I forget that, I can see my body is digging in forward trying to force things. I readjust and lean back, relax in a comfy chair as the energy calms down and adjust to the vibes of ease and fun.

Although energy is going to move through your bodies differently than mine, I hope you start becoming more aware of how old patterns and stress responses show up in your field. I think leaning back is a fun, easy way to remember to allow all situations to flow with ease. Completely release yourself of the need to control everyone and everything and see how much more smoothly all areas of your life become. Much love to ya :-)




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