Keep Going

As we begin creating our lives more by choice, rather than by default, we may notice certain reactions from others that are uncomfortable to us. Not everyone is going to be happy or approve of what we choose all the time, or perhaps any of the time. We have to keep choosing for ourselves anyway.

Firstly it honestly doesn’t matter what you do or say; you will NEVER please everyone. So spare yourself the agony and running in endless circles of even attempting it. Sometimes people that you thought were supportive and happy for you will suddenly make an offhanded comment that leaves you wondering what the heck happened?! You may notice others tense up when you talk about goals or when you share any fun or exciting things in your life. You must realize it has nothing to do with you! It is their stuff being triggered and by you choosing to grow and expand it is inviting them to do the same. Some people can find that invitation downright terrifying; Keep going anyway!

People can, and probably will, lie to or about you. Criticize, how you look, act, your dreams/ goals, all sorts of things. You have to keep choosing what feels right to you. Others will likely try to sabotage you, intentionally and unintentionally. You will probably notice you are sabotaging yourself a lot too. It's all ok, and you have to be willing to receive the good, bad the ugly the indifferent, all of it! As you practice following and trusting your inner guidance, it will all become easier to be unaffected by what others say and think about you and what you choose.

Allow yourself to start getting tapped into the reality, you can have the life you want, and are always in the process of creating it. Now is the time to take all your power back! From anyone or anything, you have allowed to distract you until now. Each day you’ll begin to notice its so much easier to let others opinions just roll on by you. Hope you enjoyed this week's insights. As always have a great week filled with lots of fun!-


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