I see Clutter

What do you do with all the stuff you don’t want to acknowledge? Well, you throw it into a closet, drawer or some storage compartment of course! I’m joking, but that’s exactly what many of us do. All of our belongings are a reflection of our thoughts, feeling, and beliefs. And symbolic of parts of us that we dislike, are ashamed of and all the repressed feelings in our subconscious.


I’ve noticed in all the clutter clearing books and courses I’ve seen. They all like to tell you to get rid of clutter and their tips on doing so, but I’ve personally never seen anyone address the reasons you have the clutter in the first place.


Me telling you that you have too much stuff is pointing out the obvious. Wouldn’t you like to know how to more easily let go of the clutter? Instead of just being told how to separate it into boxes and organizing tips. Because the thing is, if you don’t address the reasons why you haven’t been willing to let this stuff go, you will most likely just create more clutter to take its place.The other thing is we don’t need to suffer through intense emotions or get rid of things suddenly like ripping off a band-aid. That method might work for some people, with some items. But, in general not wanting to dive into the deep emotions that certain items can trigger is the main reason people just avoid getting rid of excess stuff. It's way too uncomfortable for many people. And the guilt that often comes up with choosing to let an object go most often stops people mid decluttering. Then they have such a negative association with letting anything go that in extreme cases people become hoarders.


A big belief many people have is that there is not enough for them. That they should be grateful for what they have, which is great, but the distortion is that you won’t get any more. So often I hear people say they just know as soon as they throw something out they will need that item. I used to think that too, and even created it happening a few times. But, what if you believe that if you do happen to need the item again you can go buy another one. Trusting that all you need is easily accessible. I’m not saying to throw everything out. Just be aware of how many things you’re holding onto out of fear, obligations and lack mentality.


I’m not suggesting you start clearing out your entire house right now. But, just start taking note of what types of beliefs or resistance you may have around sifting through your things. Is there a certain area of your house or certain items that you simply refuse to look at? Write down any stories or emotions you notice. No need to do anything else just yet. We are simply gathering info and easing you into a clearer space for items that you love.


Next week we will dive into some ways to disentangle you from all your stuff and easily let go of the things not in alignment with you any longer.As always remember to have fun!



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