I Had No Idea!

Are you only capable of doing what others expect from you and nothing more? Right now I’m at a place in my life where I’m allowing myself to express different aspects of who I am. Most people that know me, or who have spoken to me for a moment would likely say I’m already very expressive. Yes, I am; however, there’s much more to me than meets the eye! 

I’ll be the first one to say that although I’m very bold, it can be uncomfortable to step out and show people other sides of ourselves. People tend to know us in a certain way and whether they mean to or not, put us into a little box. So when we show them other skills, talents, or interests, it can rattle and trigger people a bit. Nothing wrong with that, just good to know that it’s going to happen. It doesn't matter what you choose to do; people will have an opinion when you finally decide to share your dreams with the world.

Please don’t let anyone, including yourself, stop you! You are the only one who can create and express things in your special way. There will never be another like you again. Someone once said to me that if you have a unique skill or talent that you love and enjoy, how can you be so selfish not to share it with the world. Now, people will take that statement in many different ways. But I chose to see it like I had abilities to inspire and uplift the world and there was no real reason, including fear that should keep me from sharing that with others.

So what are some things that you love and believe you great at? Start sharing those things with a few people, and then a few more until you’re completely comfortable. Before you know it, you may decide to step out in an even bigger way! Perhaps you’re a great artist, share your creations, even post them on your social media if you haven’t already. Or, maybe you’re a great writer, singer, dancer, fantastic at math! It doesn't matter what it is, just start sharing it more and more and watch the magic that begins to happen :-)


Yes, people will judge you,  be jealous, hope you will fail. But, others will adore you, be extremely happy for you and be inspired by your courage to step out and shine! Whether people love you or hate you, be you anyway!! I will be on this journey with you. Sharing with you all when I have breakthroughs, so you know you’re not alone. I go through things too, but it's all about letting go of the illusion of fear and stepping into being who we truly are, completely.

May you have a fantastic week for of love and lots of fun! And let’s see how many times this week  we can have people saying “ I had no idea you could do that!!” 



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