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Did you all hear about the terrible thing that happened to so and so? It's awful, the poor family.  What about the war in that country somewhere over there? And did you hear that my friend's mom who is diagnosed with a horrible life threatening disease And! My neighbor's cat just died yesterday?! 

After reading that paragraph notice how slimed, yucky and hopeless and contracted does your body feel? Each day we are bombarded with information and ongoing conversations similar to those above. Even if we are doing our best to focus on happy thoughts, we can quickly find ourselves 30 minutes into an all out complaining and scary b*tch-fest. It accomplishes nothing but making you feel worse and confused, rather than, actually adding anything helpful. So, what can you do?

First, be aware of what you're currently doing. How are you reacting to these types situations right now? Many people tell me they want to help. Whether it's a world issue, a sick family member, a struggling friend, they say that they've done everything they could think of to help, but feel like what they do makes little to no difference. The number one thing we can all do to help is; continue to stay in a good happy vibrational state!  Now, when I first tell people this, they look at me confused and immediately say they feel guilty. How can they possibly be happy, have fun and pretend these horrible things aren't happening in the world? Let me make this very clear; we do NOT help anyone by seeing them as a victim, sick, helpless, etc. When we worry about others and see them stuck in whatever unwanted current situation, we are contributing to the adverse situation continuing.

You must focus on things that feel good! If you find yourself in a conversation that feels wrong, ask yourself what uplifting perspective you could add. People may not always be willing to hear you, and some are addicted to drama, but when you start asking what else you can do, what can you say to add a higher energy to the situation? You will be pleasantly surprised at how things start to shift! You can say prayers and send blessings, healing energy, etc. All these things work and help, BUT you must do them from a state of KNOWING they are helping! Saying prayers and sending blessing/good vibes while always worrying, feeling helpless and complaining that nothing is getting any better and that things are getting worse in the world only contribute to it staying the same or getting worse.

Send love and light and good vibes to all these situations; while knowing in your heart that things are better and allow yourself only to see and feel things as a whole, complete and in harmony. Have a fantastic week focusing on what feels good and sending good vibes to all :-)


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