Get Grounded!

In the wellness and spiritual circles it is very common to hear people telling each other to get grounded. But what exactly does that mean? I’m sure people will have lots of opinions about the meaning but I will just speak from my knowing and you can use this info however you like;-) 

To me, grounded means to allow your physical body and energy bodies to be fully connected to the energy of the planet. I ground myself and all my clients in each session by visualizing etc. But, walking barefoot in the grass or sand is an easy super powerful way to stay grounded and balanced! It may be too cold outside to do this or you might be afraid of stepping in your neighbors pet droppings:-D In that case you can purchase grounding mats, also called earthing mats. I’ve heard lots of great feedback about the mats. You can try one out but I’d still suggest allowing your bare feet to make contact on the ground as much as possible. Our ancestors did this regularly and there are numerous studies, which you can research, indicating the health benefits of connecting to the Earth.

Our nervous system is constantly sending electrical signals to the brain and these electrical charges carry information to all the other areas and systems of our bodies. So it makes sense that being grounded, allowing the energy of the planet to reboot and rebalance would be vitally important to our overall health.  Most people report a reduction in stress, pain and inflammation. I actually walk around without shoes as much as I can. I’ve always loved going barefoot but since moving to the city I hardly ever have my feet in the grass. When I do finally take a moment to be in nature I can instantaneously feel excess tension melting out of my body. Its so easy for most of us to take a few minutes to walk outside without our shoes. 

I encourage you to give grounding a try for a few days, it is very likely that you’ll notice immediate positive changes. Find ways to add this to your day. You can walk around while having your coffee in the morning, or during a phone call, if you need to multitask. There is always a way to make time to improve and maintain your well being. Lots of love :-)


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