Energetic Self Care

In this world, there’s so much focus on our physical health, what we eat and drink and how often we exercise. Attention and an absolute importance are placed on emotional health and spirituality. But, I rarely see mention of energetic self-care. Since everything is energy, you may be wondering what that means exactly. To me energetic self-care means, what we are hanging onto and carrying around, and what are we putting out into the world.

A real question to ask yourself is, what types of energies am I emitting? Also, what kinds of energies am I allowing in my world? Start paying attention to the kind of conversations you’re in. Notice any themes, common topics you find yourself talking about and focusing on. Also, the types of tv shows or movies you’re watching. Often people think of its just a silly tv show it doesn’t bother me. But, yes it can impact our mood and energy fields a lot! Ever noticed after watching a scary or dramatic movie you feel rather dark and heavy? Well that’s is the strength of the film and the scenes activating in your field. Same thing with music; I love music, yet I noticed certain songs getting stuck in my head like a broken record. When I paid attention to the lyrics, one time I noticed it was an old 80’s song, something about living in a cardboard box! I was in shock, heck no I don’t want that as my reality, and I don’t need that looping in my head all day LOL!! So what songs are you listening too? I know many of them have very catchy beats, and it can feel difficult to turn it off, but when you begin to realize how powerful your thoughts are, you may start choosing more uplifting music.

You can apply this to any area of life. Looking at books or articles you’re reading, often things we read can leave a heaviness around us. Just notice if you feel uplifted or yucky after. Certain stores, restaurants, and places can have energetic residue. It’s not about living in fear, it about being aware of focusing on what you do want and releasing energies out of your field that ain’t yours and cause you to feel heavy or stuff, etc.

Here are some things you can do to keep your energies clear and uplifting:

1.) Notice the feelings you have after your daily conversations. If you don’t like how you feel, make little adjustments to refocus the discussions. Simply having an awareness of how often you’re having chats about things you don’t want will bring significant shifts!

2.) Check out what’s in your library, books/articles, music, movies. Are they even enjoyable or in alignment with who you are now and who you want to be? If not, let them go and be open to fresh new entertainment!

3.) Move your body! Taking a walk and at the very least stretching every day is a fantastic way to open up the energy channels in the body and allow old emotions to release. Our bodies are meant to move, so do yourself and your body a favor and move a bit each day :-)

4.) Before bed just intend and visualize that all the energies you picked up from the day are leaving your physical and energy bodies. Take a breath and let go of entanglements with any people places and things. Ask all of your energy to come back to you cleansed and purified, take a deep breath and allow all your energy to reharmonizes into your being.

I hope you all enjoyed the info this week. Very simple yet very powerful tips. Have a fantastic week, have fun and take care of yourself! 



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