Bringing in the New!

Ok now that your home is completely empty except for a chair, one outfit and your bed..just kidding LOL! But seriously, I hope you’ve had fun letting go of some things that were taking up space that you really didn’t like or need. And if you are still in process of clearing clutter, that’s cool too!
I felt it was important to mention that you don’t need to fill up every empty space in your home. Or, to even replace all the things you got rid of with new things, even if you love them. Yes, surround yourself with things you love, but not necessarily that you gave away 5 shirts you hated now you must buy 5 shirts you love. Our space can get cluttered with things we love too! We are really just going for balance. Energy moves much smoother when there isn’t so much stuff. And we all want things to move easier and more smoothly in our lives, right? So how our home looks and feels is symbolic of our life. Cleaner open space equates to more ease, clarity, and peace in our daily lives.
What kind of space do you want to create? How do you want your home to feel? What colors, textures, and symbolism do you want to be surrounded by? It doesn’t have to be complicated, just start playing around with asking how your ideal space would look and feel. As you get a clearer idea of what that is for you, it will become so much easier to decide what new items to bring into your home or not.
Please have fun with all of this and realize you are completely worthy of living in a space you love. And it is not about how expensive an item is that makes it valuable.
What makes it valuable is how you feel when wearing, using or looking at the item. Love yourself enough to only buy clothing that you feel amazing in. Get rid of or fix broken dishes, toss out old clothing that doesn’t fit anymore etc. Supercharge your energy by clearing your space and only having things in your home that reflect this newest version of you!
I am still clearing out stuff too! It is a never-ending thing that we GET to do! I actually do have lots of fun with this clutter clearing stuff. We are constantly growing and changing so it makes sense that our living environment would shift and change too.So what new space would you like to create for yourself now?Until next week..have fun :-)

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