Your Pot of Gold


So what’s in your pot? What’s in your energy field daily? What kinds of thoughts, feelings, conversations are you involved in on a regular basis?


Whatever those are, get out a sheet of paper and quickly write down as many things as you can. You want to do this quickly so that you don’t overthink it and start diluting the information.


Now, look at the things you’ve written down. That’s what’s in your mix or your pot most often. Do you like what you see? Or are you surprised, disappointed? Or perhaps you already had a good idea of what you’d write down? Either way, it's a great idea to assess your starting point before choosing to redirect what you’re creating daily.


I think pots of gold, rainbows, and leprechauns are cute. But, they all come with an energy that they are untouchable, unattainable and if we look at our dreams and goals in that way, well we are probably never going to achieve them. Instead of looking at magical, wonderful and extraordinary things as something you only see in movies. What if you start inviting amazing things to happen in your life for real? There’s no rule that these things can only happen in the movies. It’s just that most people don’t believe or never thought to ask for them to show up.


What you put into your pot (things you want to create/have) is important but you don’t have to be perfect about it. You’re not required to only talk about and think about happy things all day or that somehow, you will be penalized and never have the things you truly want if you do not think about happy things all day. Its completely normal to have days that you feel grouchy, pessimistic or annoyed with everything. As I’ve said many times before, allow yourself to feel those feelings and they will pass through your body and energy field.


I have read that it only takes us positively focusing on what we want 51% of the time. That’s a relief! That’s totally doable and takes away the overwhelming and unnecessary burden of being perfect.


 One common misconception I see so often is over-focusing on what you want. When you think the more you hyper-focus on a goal the more likely it is to manifest. Actually, I see the opposite is usually true. Hyper-focusing and double checking to see if something has shown up yet are saying you really don’t believe it will.


Get an idea of what you want. Allow yourself to generate the feelings of having it, you can even visualize putting it into your pot of gold or anything else you want. Then simply go about your day enjoying anything and everything about your life! I love walking around knowing the request I sent out into the Universe it on its way! During the day when I remember or think about the thing I asked for, I allow myself to get super excited until I feel my stomach twirling imagining my manifestation is in the mail on its way right now!


Use whatever techniques help you get happy and excited about anything! Those uplifting feeling will spill over into all areas of your life. Remember, be aware of what you’re currently putting in your pot. Then make adjustments to add more of what you do want in there trusting that your desires are on their way :-)


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