"What the hell Happened?!"

You’ve been watching your thoughts, writing things you appreciate, eating foods your body wants and adding more physical activity. Things were going great, you felt better than you ever had, and you could feel the positive momentum flowing. Then you suddenly noticed it seemed like all the good stuff stopped! If you take a closer look you’ll see you most likely stopped writing things you appreciated, started complaining about things a bit more, and maybe you skipped a few days or weeks of exercise. It's not always noticeable when we start getting off track; usually, it happens in small increments.


See, most people want the change and all the good stuff that comes from changing, but without actually changing anything they are doing. They want someone to show up, with a magic wand and make it so they can have everything they want immediately. It doesn’t work the way. You can’t keep doing the same things and get different results. No matter how much you want it to be that way, the thoughts/feelings, beliefs and actions you had before are what created the things in your life that you don’t like or want to change. 

What’s happening is you’re thinking, 'Oh things are going well and whatever I’m doing is working; so I’ll just see if I can get away with looping back into old patterns here and still maintain all this fantastic new stuff in my life.' Or think, 'my friends over here are complaining about work, ok there’s no harm in my joining in for a bit to complain.' Or, you’re too tired to get up and walk one day, then that turns into a week. Then, you start thinking, 'oh the program, diet; positive thought stuff doesn’t work it's all crap!' And NO, it DOES work, if you’re going to do it consistently. Take responsibility for what you’re creating, be nice to yourself.

Are you done struggling, feeling like a failure and starting over time and time again? If you are, contact me for a session and let’s finally bust through all the crap and allow everything to be MUCH easier and fun in your life! 


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