The Worthiness Trap

Do you feel worthy to have the life you truly desire? Notice whatever thoughts, feelings or beliefs that question may have brought up for you.Take a nice deep breath and let all of that gently release out of your body for now. You can always recreate what you just let go of if ya really want to. But for now, I’d like you to open up to look at the whole idea of worthiness from a different perspective.Most of us have picked up this idea that we need to be worthy of good things, things we want or we can never actually have them.
One of the main beliefs connected to this is the idea that something is inherently wrong with us. We are somehow flawed, bad or not quite good enough in someone’s opinion. Many are walking around programmed to think they have to keep doing more and more to be worthy. Or to stop doing this or that so that they fit in and are acceptable. That somehow we have to earn this elusive stamp of worth and value.
We aren’t quite sure how to achieve it but will we often search our entire lives never really feeling any more worthy than when we started. I’ve known many people that studied years in college things that they had no interest in, just because they thought it would make them acceptable or to make certain people proud of them.
People will stay in jobs, they hate unhealthy relationships and abuse their bodies all because they don’t feel worthy enough. No matter the form it takes, the results of believing you’re not good enough are the same. Feeling that you are stuck in situations that you hate and feeling powerless to change them.
When people have kids is often a time that you can see old programs of unworthiness in playing out. I’ve watched so many parents say things to their kids thinking it was the best way to motivate them. Only to have the parent look at me and realize that what they just said was so limiting, judgmental and possibly damaging to their child’s self-worth. They remember times in their own lives that mostly well intending adults had said things that had a negative impact on what they thought they could achieve in life.
In the moment the parents have the awareness of the limitations they just placed on their child is a perfect time for them to choose a different. New ways to communicate to them that they are whole and complete as they are already!
Even if you don’t have kids, you can still notice how you talk to others when you are trying to encourage them. Do you notice that although you mean well, your conversations are filled with your limitations? Usually, our feelings of unworthiness will be triggered when a friend or family member starts to set and achieve bigger goals. We may say, who do they think they are? They will never achieve that etc. But, notice where you believe that about yourself.
See if you can recognize and worry, stress or contracted feelings in your body. Ask, how many areas of my life am I not allowing myself to grow and be confident? You might be surprised at how many limitations you are still affected by. If you’re reading this, I’d say you’re ready to let all those old self-defeating energies go!
Play around this week making note of situations where you feel self-conscious. You might see that at times you feel unworthy and sorta give up or keep sabotaging yourself. But, the flip side is going into a pattern of trying to prove you are worthy. Overworking, being overly nice to everyone, but yourself.
Either way, KNOW that you are a beautiful amazing creative infinite being and the world is excitedly waiting for you to remember how magnificent you are!! Love you all  :-)

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