The Worthiness Trap

Mar 07, 2018
Do you feel worthy to have the life you truly desire? Notice whatever thoughts, feelings or beliefs that question may have brought up for you.Take a nice deep breath and let all of that gently release out of your body for now. You can always recreate what you just let go of if ya really want to. But for now, I’d like you to open up to look at the whole idea of worthiness from a different perspective.Most of us have picked up this idea that we need to be worthy of good things, things we want or we can never actually have them.
One of the main beliefs connected to this is the idea that something is inherently wrong with us. We are somehow flawed, bad or not quite good enough in someone’s opinion. Many are walking around programmed to think they have to keep doing more and more to be worthy. Or to stop doing this or that so that they fit in and are acceptable. That somehow we have to earn this elusive stamp of worth and value.
We aren’t quite sure how to...
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