The Person to Please

Are you a good friend? How about being a good spouse, parent, employee, etc. Are you Good? Did you feel all the judgment and confusion that came up with that? What if the only person you must please is YOU!? As we go about our lives our focus changes as do our likes and dislikes. Although it can be uncomfortable, it's all a part of life and our never ending expansion into being more of ourselves. Let’s talk a bit about how our relationships and roles change as we advance into an often unknown territory of choosing what’s right for us.

As you commit to making changes in certain areas of your life, you will see that not everyone will be happy or supportive. Because of this, many will choose to stay where they are, never venturing past the point where others start to get pissed off at them. Sometimes the people you thought you were closest to will disappear, say discouraging words. Often it will feel like things are breaking down and that you perhaps had lost your freaking mind ever to choose to move forward. Keep going anyways!! You don’t need anyone’s permission to live your life, and it’s just a dash-o- funkery thrown in the mix that very often comes alongside progress. Keep going!


Yes, you may have some people peel/drop out of your life. You might see a side of others you never knew, and don’t like very much. You might hear unsolicited advice about how to do all kinds of things and how that person just knows what’s best for you. If it feels like crap, it probably is. You must listen and trust yourself. You know what to do. You’re not inspired to do certain things for no reason, fearlessly follow that inspiration. Yes, some people will be mad and possibly hate you, but if you don’t do what’s in your heart, you will probably end up hating yourself. Realize all of the drama, confusion and trying to make everyone approve of you is just a distraction to keep you from stepping into the life you truly desire. Be grateful when you see someones true colors, the sooner, the better. Let those who oppose you go and invite in more people who are genuinely supportive, happy and believe in you. 

I’m not sure anything makes me happier than hearing about someone achieving a goal and having great blessings in their lives. It makes me beam with joy! No matter what you’re going through right now, know that things are getting easier. Remember to have fun this week !!! Much love to you all :-)



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