The Business of Fun!

When was the last time you had fun while working? Whether you own your own business or work for someone else; fun is something that is way too often missing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s talk about some ways you can add fun and joy to your work, even if that currently sounds crazy and impossible.


The first thing is to realize that so many people have been complaining about work for so long, it's almost expected, that we all join in. Growing up, I'd hear neighbors chatting it up about how they hated their jobs. Boss was a jerk, pay was awful, and it was just something that everyone had to do, a part of life. Every job I ever had people were complaining and often completely baffled when I wasn’t adding to their conversations. Sometimes it ticked people off! They wanted to know what was I so happy about and how dare I find something about our miserable employer to appreciate. I never let that get to me much; I just kept doing things to keep myself in an uplifted state.

A long time ago I became aware that I was easily able to find things to appreciate. As a child, I loved nature and found little things that most take for granted very fascinating. Little did I know I’d be using this skill to ease my way through all my jobs. So here are some of my tops tips for adding more fun and joy to work:

1.) Focus on you! Yes, you may work with other people, but they are not your responsibility. You have to put yourself first and choose to focus on things that feel good to you, even if others are in a bad mood. It doesn’t always seem that easy if you have a grouchy boss or co worker hanging around. But, you can decide that you aren’t going to let others moods drag you all over the place.

2.) Shift your perspective. Ok, we know that there will be some things that we aren’t thrilled to do, but they need to be done. So, what if you find a way to make it fun?! One way I’ve found is to stop expecting it to be so bad, halt the chattering in my head of how much I hate this particular task and just do it! You can do this with people as well. Stop expecting certain people to be annoying or hard to deal with; even if they were, every single day, up until now. Choose to open up and allow another version of them into your reality.

3.) Appreciate where you are now. Yes, you may very well want to do something different than what you’re doing at your current job. But, hating where you are is not going to get you to where you’d rather be. Quite the contrary. Finding anything to appreciate about your current situation is a much faster way to allow more of what you do want. 

Hope you enjoy and use some of these tips. They do make a big difference! Have a wonderful week full of fun :-)



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