Stay on Target

When you start to begin the journey to having more awareness, self-love and acceptance it can be very exciting and freeing. You start to notice you're feeling happier and lighter, and when you do have an off day they are nowhere near as frequent or intense as before. That is until your stuck in a room full of your relatives or in-laws LOL!

We often think once we move away from family or even have our own, many things that used to bother us just simply go away. We have our lives pretty much together; we have careers, academic accomplishments, our children, why the heck should it matter what our Uncle "Bart" thinks of us? Well, it technically doesn't, but that doesn't stop Bart or another family members opinions or comments from triggering the crap out of us! So, what to do? Well, first remember that it is entirely normal for things that people say to bother us from time to time, second take a breath and do your best to let it go and not feed into any annoying comments or actions. It can be so easy to allow old family patterns to get stirred up and reactivated, especially if your family isn't as aware or even interested in making changes. 

I can't tell you how many times back in the early days of me choosing to make positive changes in my life, I'd think I had it all figured out. I would get myself all prepared for a phone call or a dinner with family and soon want to scream and rip my hair out! I could not understand how I had put so much work into letting things go only to be a few minutes into a conversation and feel my stress levels skyrocket. What I didn't realize back then was that [on a deeper level] I expected to be annoyed and for things to be the same [old] way as before, so the Universe gladly obliged haha! Now I know that I can just allow people to choose for themselves and I can determine how I feel in any given situation. I'm not saying its always the easiest thing to think happy thoughts or walk away, but it does always feel better to choose for ourselves rather than to be pushed and pulled by others actions, moods, and emotional states.

One of the reasons I created the Dynamic Family Empowerment Audio was to help those of us choosing to make positive changes free of old family stuff while still having pleasant interactions with our families. See, when one of us decides to change, very often others will choose to change along with us, at their pace of course. I wanted to help the energies in families to be lighter, happier and more fun! I know people who play the clearing silently on their phones when at dinner, heck I played one of the clearing audios in Uber the other day! 

There are numerous tools you can use to keep yourself on track; you decide which is right for you in each situation. Just know that you are doing a fantastic job!! Keep practicing staying focused on what you want and what keeps you on target to feel amazing! Have a wonderful week. :-P



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