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I’m taking time this week to do some soul searching. At the end of each year I like to look around at what’s in my physical space and let go of things I no longer use or want. This is actually something I like to do every few months, if I can. I also use these last few weeks to finish up projects around the house too. This includes finishing work projects, or just letting them go completely.

To start, I sit down with all my lists, personal and professional, I’m a big list maker. I have stacks of notebooks scattered around everywhere!! I like to see things written out in front of me. I personally find it easier to stay focused having it written down and find that its very satisfying to mark things as complete.

Please use whatever methods work for you to help keep track of your progress and hold you accountable. So once I have my lists open I simply feel into the things and see if they still resonate with me or not. If I don’t feel interested or in alignment with the projects or ideas I will either put them on another list to revisit later or I mark them off the list.

Being honest with yourself about what you truly want to create moving forward is vitally important to having more ease in your life. How many people do you know that hold onto ideas and keep pushing long past the moment they realized they didn’t want to do the project or whatever else anymore? I know way too many people who try and force themselves to stick with things because it sounded like such a great idea, or other people were depending on them to keep going.

I myself have been in that situation before. I’ll tell ya it’s far better to feel like you’re letting others down for a moment by saying no to things, than to be angry at yourself wondering why you spent years trying to do things you had no interest in. Right now close your eyes, take a deep gentle breath.


Now take your energy back from all the people, places, ideas and obligations that are currently weighing you down. Notice how much lighter and more expansive you feel.

You can do that quick little breathing reboot daily if you like, it will only cost you a few moments of time and the return is your energy, power and inspiration :-)At this point after going through all my lists, I like to take at least one whole day, sometimes a few days to do nothing. Yes I said nothing. I don’t necessarily mean staying in bed all day, but if you can and it feels good, do it! I just really like to stop thinking about the past, all I wanted to accomplish, but maybe didn’t and I don’t want to immediately go into big questions like what I’m going to create in my life this upcoming year. I truly enjoy and feel gratitude for where I am right now.

Honoring and appreciating everything from the year but not feeling like I need to do anything. What would it take a breath for YOU to just BE and enjoy where you are right now?!  Lots of love :-)


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