Magical You !

What comes to mind when I mention the word Magic"? Perhaps a disappearing card trick? Or maybe a Disney movie type of feeling? What about you?  Have you ever thought of yourself as magical? What if I told you that you are walking talking, breathing magic?! And just accepting yourself as magical in all you do!


Quantum Physics tells us that our bodies and everything we see are a hologram that is just flickering and changing at speeds we can’t even comprehend. So how does this help you to create a life you desire and realize you’re magical? Well, when you realize that your thoughts, beliefs, and meanings that you attach to anything your observe changes the molecules in your body and the Universe I’d say that’s pretty darn magical! An example of your magical powers: have you ever had a bothersome experience and shared it with a friend who was able to offer a different way of interpreting the event? And then suddenly it’s like a light bulb when off, you feel so much lighter. That’s you being aware of your energies shifting instantaneously to match the new reality that will be present as a new possibility. You see, we never have to stay stuck in thinking and believing anything, we can always change our interpretation of things, its always a choice. It’s totally up to you to choose to empower or disempowering thoughts, and only you know what resonates as empowering for you in any given situation.

Now, since we know we can always change how we look at things, why wouldn’t we just shift our focus to work for us? Well, there is numerous reasons we don’t choose things, but two common reason I observe. Playing the victim and thinking life just happens to us. Although they seem similar, they carry a different meaning and vibe to me. The victim role often seems like.. 'oh people keep doing this or that to me' or 'I have no control I’m helpless.' Thinking life just happens is attached to beliefs like; I have no control over things that happen its’ all orchestrated by a higher power, and I’m either lucky or unlucky. Neither of these is good or bad per se, just a good idea to ask yourself if any of those thoughts are empowering or not. If they don’t feel uplifting or empowering, you could choose some other ways to look at things.

Walk around this week and be aware that you are pure magic energy! Notice if that brings up and resistance at all. Be nice to yourself, take a nice deep breath and just release anything in the way of you allowing you to experience yourself as magical. See how much lighter, easier and fun life become when you start to appreciate your magic. Much love to you all :-))



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