Feel your Feelings


‚ÄčI hope everyone is doing well and ready for all the fresh energies that Springtime is bringing in! I had a wonderful time in the Caribbean and wanted to share some interesting insights I had while on my trip. I had the opportunity to see Abraham Hicks speak multiple times during the ten-day cruise I was on. Overall it was a fantastic experience with lots of lovely people, yummy snacks and uplifting reminders on how to focus on creating what you want. What I did become aware of is just how judgmental and afraid most people are to feel their feelings.

I’m all for focusing on good feelings and catching yourself if you’re complaining, but there seems to be this tendency in the metaphysical, positive thought world to avoid anything that doesn’t feel “good.” The problem with that is, just because you deny or ignore them, feelings do not just away, especially if they are intense. People try to squish them down, lie to themselves and avoid how they feel at all costs, but the energy is still active, and that is what is creating your life. So when you have something that keeps showing up in your life, but you swear you’ve gotten over something and let it go, guess what, you’ve haven’t… that’s why it keeps showing up.

It is entirely natural for us to feel all sorts of emotions: otherwise, we’d be robots! Feelings are meant to be felt, not thought, and they are not logical. I often witness people analyzing their emotions and doing their best to be stoic, never shedding a tear because they think that’s not acceptable and that if they show any emotion not considered good, they will create something bad in their lives. But, if you stop judging them as good or bad and allow yourself to feel them really, they will pass through, rather than get locked up to cause problems later on.

I encourage you all to start paying attention to how often you’re avoiding feelings and instead just allow yourself to let them be felt and shift out. It may feel odd at first for some of you, but I promise that if you stick with it, you will notice an overall lighter more relaxed feeling in your bodies. Enjoy feeling your feelings! They help you remember you’re alive and when you’re focused on what you want or don’t want… have a fantastic week :-)


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