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One of the biggest addictions in this world is talking about problems. We search high and low to find answers to those problems. We read spiritual books, try hypnosis and a whole slew of other things hoping for a change.


Yet so often underneath it all, we are fiercely fighting for our limitations. How many of you have had a friend or family member call you and ask for your help only to reject everything you say? Continue to claim they want help, but all they want is to defend their current life situation that they hate. It can be awkward to speak up and tell someone when they are going full steam ahead on the bitch train. But you have to let them know that you won’t be participating in conversations that consist of focusing on problems, rather than, new possibilities to change. Yes, they may get angry, blame or accuse you of not being there for them. But, you have to choose what you will focus on and what you want to create in your world. Plus, the fact is, at that moment, they don’t really want to hear anything you have to say. And here’s the kicker, you could very well be that person who’s nonstop complaining focusing on what’s wrong in your life and then claiming you’re doing everything in your power to change it.


So how does all of this pertain to luck? Well, what you talk about, think about and focus on will be what you see reflected as your reality. We tend to match and mimic those closest to us, choose your friends and family wisely LOL! And, you could also be carrying beliefs that you need to stay small and hold yourself back, simply because your friends or family aren’t choosing to step out of their comfort zones.


Do something new and that you’re maybe afraid to do. I’m not talking about crazy dangerous stuff, which that’s fine too within reason, If you want to go skydiving, please enjoy! Just use your own discernment. This could be anything. We often hide even from ourselves things we’d like to experience. I recently made pottery for the first time and later this year I going to go out to do some whale watching.


Do what YOU want even if nobody else agrees with you. Our friends and family often mean well but can allow their limitations to cloud their views on what is possible in our worlds. Don’t let others limitations become yours. Keep doing what feels good and inspiring for you and you will likely be surprised how many others see you and are inspired to take actions towards their own dreams!


Stop talking about problems! Seriously just stop. It’s fine to ask for help, I actually encourage you to open up to people that actually offer solutions and different ways of looking at things. But, please avoid talking about problems just for the sake of having something to talk about. Change the subject if you find you or someone else has just gotten carried away into a negative thought loop.


Ask, for what you want. Say you’re looking for a new job. Ask around, let people know what you’re looking for. Apply to places you’ve always wanted to work but thought you couldn’t. Go ask, you’ve got nothing to lose by asking if there are any available positions. And could gain your dream job! You can apply this to all areas of life. A great idea is to speak up in relationships and ask people for what you really want. I know many times you may feel you should just accept whatever you’re given and not ask for more. Appreciate what you have now and totally ask for more!!


Don’t worry if others are going to be annoyed as they see awesome things happening in your world. They will. Some people will always judge you. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from being the lucky amazing creator you are! Lots of love :-)


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