Your Power to Choose

Are you ready to take back your power to choose? We all make countless choices every day. What to wear, what to eat and drink, and even where we will focus our thoughts and attention. Usually, we think it's easy to choose what foods to eat or the types of clothing we will wear, but not the thoughts we think. That somehow what we are victims of our thoughts and that they just bounce around from one thing to another without our input.This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Many of us are taught that life just happens to us. That we are either lucky or not so lucky. We are either born into the right family in a good neighborhood or not. And If you didn’t happen to get blessed with the right family, great looks etc, you can still maybe change your life a little bit if you work really really hard. But all of those are just beliefs and beliefs can be changed.

So, if something doesn’t feel good to you, you can change your reaction to it immediately! I’m not saying it will be particularly easy every time, but it is in your power to choose and change your vibrational state regardless of what is going on around you. Keep in mind there’s no need to wait until a special event to make changes. You don’t need to wait until New Years, your birthday or even next Monday. You can choose something different right NOW!

Have you ever been in a situation where you sorta snap, have an epiphany about a pattern in your life? In that moment you don’t care about all the reason why you have this pattern, what others will think about you or all the details of how to change it. At that exact moment, you are in your full power and you say;


I don’t care what I have to do to change this, I just know that I am NOT continuing on like I have been. I’m here to tell ya that you also don’t have to wait until you’ve snapped to make a choice. Do what feels right for you. Trust that the Universe knows what you want then get out of your own way. If you think; yeah but you don’t understand. I can’t simply choose something else. You are giving your power away to others and outside circumstances. STOP IT! You are a powerful Infinite creative being. So what would you choose if you were choosing what’s in alignment with what you truly desire? Ask that in any situation and be prepared for some pretty amazing insights :-)

Have a fantastic week choosing new things in your world! Remember to have fun!!




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