Trust and Receive

Trusting ourselves is one of the most important things we can do, if not the most important. Do you trust and believe that the things you desire in your life are possible? Or do you make yourself wrong for wanting them and second guess yourself every chance you get? If you spend much of your time asking the Universe for things that seem never to show up, you’re likely caught up in not trusting. Often we desire something, get super excited, then for various reasons we don’t trust and believe that we can have them. That quickly stops those things from showing up, which can easily lead us into a loop of not trusting ourselves, because it didn’t work before, why would it work now? 


Trusting yourself takes practice. We usually are taught to seek answers outside ourselves and try to fit into what others want us to be. Making ourselves wrong for thinking outside the box, and asking for more than those around us have ever dared to ask. Those things can stifle our ability to listen to our awareness and trust what it is telling us.

One thing about being aware, it's not always comfortable. You won't always feel warm snuggly feelings about the information you’re receiving, but stay open to it anyway. It is this ability to remain neutral and receive it all, that will allow you to have the things you desire. So, notice the many different ways you receive awareness. Some people feel things very strongly, perhaps, your stomach always flips if something isn’t a good idea for you, or maybe you get a headache suddenly and that’s your sign to say no to something. You may feel excited or light and bubbly all over if an idea is really in alignment with what you want. Maybe you hear the guidance, see things or just know if something is right or not. There are countless ways that our intuition communicates to us. Just be open to however it shows up.

As you start trusting yourself more, life will become more enjoyable, because you know how powerful you are and begin to consciously use your power to create your life, rather than believing life happens to you. Even when things don’t go exactly how you wanted you will find yourself much more quickly refocusing on things that are going well and what to be grateful for. 

Have fun playing with how you receive information and see how different your choices are as you allow yourself to be aware of so much more. As always much love to you all and have fun!! :-)


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