The Power of Your Intuition


The word intuition is thrown around a lot these days , but what is intuition?One of the definitions on com says intuition is; The quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

Although there are many definitions and perspectives on what intuition is, lets focus on it being a quick insight. I personally have noticed how extremely quick and subtle most intuitive information can be.

I think this is one main reason that people miss the insights or don’t trust them. They are expecting the sky to open up and a personalized letter with the answer to float down into their laps. That would be amazing, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon LOL!

Knowing that intuition is most often going to show itself to us in very subtle ways, its a great idea to determine the primary ways that you receive energetic information. I’m going to focus on the 4 most popular ways we receive info, but there are numerous other ways. Although I’m not going to go into them, please be open to your intuitive abilities changing and expanding over time.

Read through the examples and notice which ones stand out to you.

Those are likely the primary ways you’re currently picking up on and processing energies.

1.) Clairaudience - meaning Clear Hearing. You could hear sounds in your own mind. I sometimes hear the sounds as if someone were talking to me or hear music playing out loud but often it shows up as the impression of sounds in the mind. If you have a tendency to learn best by hearing information this may be a preferred way the Universe sends you signs.

2.) Clairvoyance - meaning Clear Seeing. This one shows up as daydreams. They can be very vivid at times or subtle and blurry. As you practice just allowing the visions to show up without judgement and not trying to figure them out, they will become more clear.

3.) Clairsentience -  meaning Clearing Feeling. This will show up as being able to feel others physical or emotional pains, also their joys and uplifting emotions as well. Often referred to as Empathic. If you find yourself often overwhelmed around others, this might be your strongest sense. I encourage you to let go of anywhere you feel responsible to take on others stuff. This ones kicked my butt for many years! You are only responsible for YOU! It is totally possible to be aware of others and what they are going through without taking it on or processing it for them.

4.) Claircognizance - meaning Clear Knowing. The ability to just know things about people, places and things without any prior knowledge about them. You can pick up on the energy imprinted or active around them. For example, times when you just know, without any practical explanation, how something will turn out. In personal relationships, business etc. This is a very strong sense for me personally. I find it is often a combination of many other senses transferring info even faster than the previous individual senses.I often say we are walking around in an energetic soup.

There is nonstop information swirling around and through us. By strengthening your abilities with energy, all areas of your life can benefit. Play around with all of this and see which senses you resonate with and which senses maybe you feel uncomfortable or self conscious about. I actually asked to not see energy for many years because I felt everything so strongly I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with having to see it too! I have long since gotten over that and I see things very vividly, but I had to do it at a pace that worked for me. There's no need to rush.

You are a powerful infinite creator! Have fun creating new and amazing things in your world!! :-)


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