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alone leader practice tips Nov 02, 2016

Since the time we are children other people are telling us what to do and when. It doesn't matter if the actions feel right to us or not, others control our lives and we depend on them to survive, so we go along with it. But this sets us up to habitually ignore or go against our innate knowing and what is right for us.

The pattern continues in school where we must do everything the teachers say. At work, it's our bosses telling us what, how and when to do everything. Everyone thinking they know what's best for us and wanting things their way. Sometimes we go ahead with what they want to keep the peace, be loved and accepted, but often it can be confusing to know what you want.With so many people in our space constantly saying to do this or do that, how can we possibly hear ourselves? Here are some things I do...

1.) Take some time to be alone- no phone, tv, computer. Just quiet time. This way you can start to notice how YOU feel; not how everyone else around you is feeling and pulling on you. This awareness will make it much easier for you to sense when others want to start to take priority over what you'd like to choose.

2.) Check in and ask yourself during interactions- how am I feeling? Do you feel the calm, centered feeling you experience when alone, or are you starting to feel off balance, not quite yourself? Perhaps you may want to change the subject, or The other person may be wanting you to do something that doesn't feel in alignment with you. Once you're aware, make the shift to something that feels better to you.

3.) Pay attention to little things that manifest or little awareness's you have- So many clients say to me " Oh I'm not intuitive." I ask, have you ever thought of someone you hadn't heard of in a long time then they call? They all say yes! That is your awareness and intuition giving you information, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Pay more attention to things like that. Notice that you are always receiving guidance and info Practice listening and following through with the info. Your confidence will grow, and it will become easier and easier to differentiate what others want from what YOU want!!

Until next time, Please take some time to practice these tips and have fun with it all !!


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