Right To Be Wrong

How many times have you caught yourself ruminating over past mistakes? Beating yourself up over big and little things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to…that feels fantastic, huh?! Firstly, what if there are no mistakes, just choices you made, nothing right or wrong about them. And secondly, you are free to choose something different at any given moment. But, most people decide to stay stuck, rather than, taking their attention off of perceived failures and creating something new.

 In this world, we are addicted to fixing things. Judging the crap out of everyone and everything, keeping ourselves in little boxes trying to be all things to all people. Jumping through hoops to be right about something, anything., One thing that keeps us stuck in looking at anyone or anything as needing to be fixed. If we think something needs fixed we are already judging it as broken and something wrong with it. And you can get yourself stuck in a continuous loop of attempting to be good enough. Wondering when I will be successful, have the right body, relationship, job, etc., but good enough and right according to whom? I highly suggest staying out of that loop! It's not going to take you where you want to go:-)

Are you ready to just let go of all those things from your past that you judged as failures?If the answer is yes, notice that you feel a little bit, or maybe a lot lighter at the moment you decided to release all that. It can be straightforward to let things go, catching yourself when you’re unconsciously or consciously recreating patterns is the part that gets most people tripped up.It takes daily practice to be aware of what you’re doing each day, actually each moment. Now you can allow yourself to be aware of what you’re focusing on, talking about and thinking about. Avoid judging yourself for any of it and just choose to focus on and have what you’d like in your life instead of all the stuff you keep saying you don’t want. Appreciate for all the wonderful people and things in your life will shift your energy instantaneously so that you can receive what you’re asking. 

This week I invite you to let go of the old crappy failure stories you’ve been carrying around. Do you need them anyway? No, I didn't think so. Have a fantastic week, remember to have fun and acknowledge how amazing you are, much love :-)


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