Remember what You want


These past few weeks I’ve noticed many people starting to fall back into old habits. It's normal to take a few steps back once you’ve begun to move forward and make real progress, but it's super important to get back on track asap! It's not that people wake up one day and decide 'oh, I’m just done with all these new positive habits I’ve created.' Nope, it’s the little choices each day that we make to let ourselves complain with a few friends, miss a workout or two, skip our journaling, or other helpful exercises. Letting things slide a bit is exactly how you find yourself right back where you don’t want to be.

I know many people felt the past few weeks were stressful and that they had every right to be angry, scared and upset. Sure, you have the right to feel however you feel. But, does talking about how bad everything currently is, help you to feel better in any way? I didn’t think so. Many will argue that things must change, everything is so bad and getting worse. But, continuing conversations like that will only bring you more to complain and be scared and frustrated about. Remember what you want, to feel good :-)

You really must maintain your high vibration, that’s how you help yourself. Keep yourself in the happiest place you can, and that joy and love will radiate out into the world and have a big uplifting impact on everyone. I know some people will get annoyed if you’re not joining them in bitching and complaining, but you have to be alright with that and stay happy and focus on the positive anyway! It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing you have to take care of how you feel and not worry about them. Remember what you want, to feel good :-)

This week just pay attention to how often you’re allowing negative topics discussed around you. Is it you bringing up these upsetting issues? Is it someone else?  Catch yourself when you find you’re getting triggered and feel the need to keep the conversations going, then ask; Is this making me feel good? If you don’t like how you feel, change the subject. Refocus on things that are fun, exciting and cause you to feel happy. If the other person insists on talking about things that feel bad, simply find a way to excuse yourself. Right now is the perfect time to crack down on crappy thoughts, conversations, and self-talk. No more going with the flow, you direct the topic of conversations towards more uplifting things. Try this out for the next week and notice how awesome you feel!!



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