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Ahh, the flowers and trees are in bloom [super bloom to be exact]. Everything looks so beautiful and lush, but, you can’t breathe! And your eyes are itching and watering. For years I suffered from bad allergies. Sneezing multiple times in a row, nonstop blowing my nose, dizziness, and itchy gooey watery eyes. It was pretty miserable; I could hardly function, and I never thought it would go away. I tried every pill, powder, drop and "potion" I could find. Some helped so that I will list my favorites below. When I took a deeper look at why I had the allergies, that's when the biggest relief came.

So I thought, Althea, where are you giving your power away? When did you decide that you couldn’t handle certain things or all things? And what ways are you unwilling to receive? See, breath is giving and receiving, and my airways were becoming swollen irritated and overwhelmed. I literally couldn’t take any-more in! I felt extremely attacked by the environment, people, everything! Once I had all those awareness, it was time to let all that go and take my power back!

It's also very common to hear people talking, complaining and expecting to have allergies at certain times of the year. And, if you’ve had something once it makes sense, you are going to assume it will happen again. Pay attention and see if you’re getting caught up in fitting in with others, by creating similar issues in your life. Release anywhere you feel you must do this, and choose something different!

Now, I did do a lot of energy clearing to help release my allergies, but I wanted to mention some supplements that I had great results from. These are things that I used, and I’m in no way telling anyone to try them, just sharing :-)

1,) Quercitin & Bromelain

2.) Vitamin C-Higher dose than normal. And a formula that was easy on the stomach

3.) Essential oils, cinnamon, clove, and thyme. 1-2 drops of each in a facial steamer.breath in through nostrils for 3-5min. - (very strong) -  I usually used one drop each. This is my favorite remedy!

4.) Apple cider vinegar for eyes, soaked cotton pad in water with a little bit of vinegar. Do a little research to discover all benefits ;-) It worked great for me!

Hope you enjoyed the topic this week and got some good insights. Take some time to see and enjoy all the beauty around you!!




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