Noticing Beauty in Nature

This time of year is my absolute favorite, at least for noticing how beautiful the planet truly is. I’m not always great at taking the time to soak up all that nature has to offer, but this time of year I can’t help but stop and take notice!

There is something extra magical about September. No matter where I’ve lived, the sunsets during this month are dazzling! Its sort of like the universe is saying that all the intentions and seeds you planted during the first part of the year are counted for, and it's time for you to relax and receive it all. 

People tend to love particular types of weather and landscapes and dislike others. But, what if you took a moment to see and experience the beauty that each part of the planet has to offer? For example, many don’t like snow, so they decide if it's snowing or there is snow on the ground they are going to have a bad day, or at least be annoyed until it melts. Some like dry climates and scenes, others prefer lush tropical surroundings. None of these things are better than the other but believing so can block you from all the beauty and magic contained in each of them.

This week I encourage you to take a look around the area you live and notice what you’re judging and don’t like about it. Then take another look and allow yourself to relax and find something to appreciate, something beautiful about it. Even if it is something small and even if you at first feel like you’re forcing it. Now I'm going to find some things to appreciate about this extra humid weather we’ve been having here :-)


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