Magic of Change

How do you feel when things are changing in your life? Do you often feel uncomfortable, worried, out of control? Yes, I realize there are all sorts of changes we experience in our lives that are exciting and desired. But, often change seems to be very unnerving for us to go through. So what if we started to look at all the possibilities during these times of change, rather than, focus on what could go wrong?



There’s an old quote that states, “Sometimes when things are falling apart they may be falling into place.” Now I know that reading things like that can be a bit annoying when you’re in the middle of a big life change and unsure how it will impact you. But, take a moment and think back to other times when you were scared and thought maybe a life situation you were going through was the worst thing ever to happen. Then you realize it turned out better than you had ever imagined. 

Sometimes we have to be really uncomfortable to even get to the point of choosing something different in our lives. That discomfort and feeling like you can’t and won’t tolerate how things currently are, can be the catalyst for you to choose to create your reality how you’d truly like it to be. Look at it this way, how many times have you continued to put up with things that weren’t how you’d prefer? Are you making excuses by saying, "its not so bad, let’s look at the bright side" etc.? You would likely continue for years to keep things the same way, even if you don’t like it until something comes along to rattle your world. Now, what if you take those times as an opportunity to check back in with yourself. Ask, "what do I truly desire to create in my life now"? 

Anytime you feel weak and like life is happening to you, take all your power back and choose. Choose what you would like to have as your life! No trying to figure things out, how it will happen, all the details. Just choose and allow yourself to get out of your way and receive it all. It may not always seem easy when in the middle of change, but you are just a choice away from perceiving things in a whole new way and allowing the magic of change to flow into your life like never before. As always, much love to you all :-)


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