How to Feel Happier Right NOW!

appreciation happy healing Mar 30, 2017

The #1 way to feel SO much happier right this moment is… STOP comparing yourself to others! We’ve all heard the saying keeping up with the Joneses, btw that was around long before the Kardashians LOL! Looking around at your neighbors, schoolmates, colleagues, etc. to see what’s the “in” thing, has been around for ages. Most of us are taught to compare, compete and strive to beat or be better than others somehow. Which truly only leaves us exhausted and looking at everyone as an enemy to our happiness.


The focus and comparison to others and what they have caused much more grief than most people are consciously aware. It can trigger deep feelings of inadequacy, anger, blame, all kinds of fear based emotions. In essence, when we compare ourselves to others we are saying, there’s not enough for me, there’s a finite supply of love, health, money, happiness and I have to fight others to have a little sliver of that supply. When we realize there’s way more than enough for everyone, and we create our [own] world, stress will begin to dissipate, and finding things to appreciate is much much easier!

It’s all well and good to admire people and feel inspired by things they offer, but that feels very different than comparing yourself to them. For example, if after hearing a story about someone doing well and achieving a significant life goal; you feel yucky, drained, and beaten down-- that’s a sign you clearly started comparing yourself. Flip that to being happy for them! Think wow that’s so amazing! Anything truly is possible, and I wonder what awesome things I’m going to create in my world too! Notice how much better that feels?!


Here are a few things you can to stop the habit of comparison:

1.) Focus on all the things you have accomplished.

I often have my clients make a list of stuff they’d like to create/manifest when we begin working together. After a bit of time, I will ask them to list out how many of those things they have accomplished in the last month or two. They area always pleasantly surprised that most if not all of the things they wanted had manifested! Focus on all that you do HAVE!

2.)Direct you Attention to Creating.

Stop spending time looking at, talking about and thinking about what others are doing. Take all the time you were spending on them and instead take inspired action towards your goals each day. Before you know it, you’ll have a bunch more super cool things to add to your list of “Things I’ve manifest.”

3.)Appreciate what makes YOU unique.

We are all different and have different skills, talents, dreams and goals. Even if you have two “identical” paintings by two separate people, they will never be created in the same way or with the same energy. We all came here to express our special way of choosing and creating things. Not, to be like everyone else and keep doing the same things over and over, how boring!! Love yourself and express your special style and vibe, the world needs it! If you can’t think of what makes you unique, perhaps ask a few people what they notice about you. Asking others is often a good place to start, that will help you become more aware of the many amazing things about you!

Take some time these next couple weeks to appreciate you, doing this is simply life changing! Have a fantastic week :-)




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