Don't Eat That!!

Do you enjoy what you eat? Does your body want the foods you’ve been eating? It's not just about the taste of the foods., it's your beliefs around them and how they affect your entire being. Think about the last meal you ate. Can you honestly say you enjoyed that meal? Or were there all sorts of judgments, and fears that came up for you? No matter what beliefs you currently have active on the subject of food, eating and loving your body. I’m going to do my very best to show you how you can start communicating with your body in a more loving respectful way. And just maybe you can allow yourself to enjoy food a little bit more starting today!

You may love the taste and textures of certain foods but they can make you feel physically bloated, tired or result in headaches amongst many other symptoms. And emotionally you could experience feelings of guilt, being out of control or deprivation. One of the biggest ways you may be cluttering up your life is by judging what you eat and drink. There is no shortage of books, magazines or tv shows telling you just how wrong you are for eating the things you do. Everyone has an opinion on what you and your body require. But truthfully, nobody knows more about what your body needs than your very own amazing body!


  1. Clean out your cupboards and fridge- I’m sure we all have or had foods in our homes that we kept eating even though we hated them. So if you can’t stand the taste, why are you eating it? Also, if you feel bad after eating it, perhaps throw it out. Now some may argue that certain healthy foods don’t taste that great. Ok, well not all “healthy” foods are healthy for everyone! That’s why we are relearning to listen to our bodies!(Ponder)- Does my body dislike this food, or just how it is prepared? Ex. My body does not like raw broccoli but loves it cooked.

  2. Stop going with the Flow- Meaning, stop going to lunches, dinners, and parties and eating whatever everyone else is eating. It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement that we don’t even realize how much or what types of foods we are shoving in our face. And others can try to guilt and pressure us into eating and drinking certain things.(Ponder) Am I even hungry? Do I actually want this food or drink I’m being offered? If not, just say no thanks! And if someone is going to get angry with your for listening to your body, let them!

  3. Stop judging food as good or bad- Who says what foods are good or bad? We have all these ideas that certain foods are so healthy, yet those exact foods could be irritating and even deadly to some people. Also, when you decide something like a cookie is bad, as you ingest that cookie you are sending all sorts of commands to your body to react to that food. Most of the times those commands are negative. An example: very often I hear women say if they eat certain things it will go straight to their thighs. Well is that really a program you want running in your body!? (Ponder) Check the self-talk! Realize how powerful you are. Stop making such a big deal about food. Allow yourself to have more ease with eating and loving your body :-)

Although it is an ongoing daily practice to decipher what your body requires, it does get much easier as you stick with it! Allowing yourself to really understand what your body is telling you and honoring the messages your receive can drastically change your life for the better. When you stop making you and your body wrong for anything, inducing misunderstandings, it opens a space for true healing and love. No matter how confusing or tough things can seem to get don’t give up on YOU!

If you’d like some extra help with all of this you can check out my Body Love Audio ! One of my favorites :-)





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