Clear Clutter The Easy Way


In my last blog, I mentioned how to identify your clutter and some reasons why you may avoid letting it go. Now I’d like to go a little deeper into some tips that I have personally used for years to bust through the clutter and keep the vibes of my space fresh and bright!

Again I’m not suggesting you get rid of all your belongings or that you have to clutter clear at all. I’m just offering information. I’ve seen the positive impact that clearing clutter has had on my life and many lives of my clients. So I hope that you will at least give these tips a try for yourself.
  1. Notice where you have multiples- If you have 6 Large cooking spoons, 3 or 4 sets of china and drinking glasses. Do you really need all of that? Especially if you are living in a space that really doesn’t have room for all of that. It doesn’t have to be cookware. It could be books, clothes, anything. Notice if it's excessive and if you really (need) it. 
    (Insight) This is often linked to feeling there’s not enough.

  2. Things in boxes- Have you recently moved, but it has been 3 to 6 months and you still have stuff piled in boxes? Ya might want to ask yourself, what am I trying to avoid here? That might have pissed some people off and I can hear the rebuttals now. But, claiming you're so busy you haven’t had time to unpack just keeps you stuck, in multiple areas of your life. Energetically keeping things in boxes can cause a sense of unease, not relaxing, and a general unsettled feeling. Those items mean so much to you that they haven’t even seen the light of day for months. Get real with yourself. Perhaps give away some of the things, or get them out where you can use and appreciate them.
    (Insight)What emotions, thoughts or traumas are you trying to contain in a box so that you can put it out of your sight and function in life?

  3. Stuff that makes ya feel like crap- Clothes that don’t fit, or you never liked. Items you bought because what you really wanted was too expensive. Stuff that other people gave you that you hate, but you kept out of obligation. 
    (Insight) What are you tolerating? Where are you settling for less than what you want?
  4. Stop being the one who takes all the unwanted items (You know who you are !)- Your friends and family may be pretty good at letting things go and decluttering. But do you find that you are always taking the stuff they don’t want? If this is your pattern, realize it is not your job to make use of every item ever created. There are billions of people on the planet. Know that for any given item that a person is done with, there are numerous other people just waiting to enjoy it. Let others utilize the stuff, rather than it sitting in a box somewhere in your house or a storage unit :-)
    (Insight) Stop taking on other peoples stuff, emotionally, mentally and physically. Just Stop! LOL:-)
Ok, so I just gave you some tips to ease you into the clutter clearing. But, instead of stopping there, like most books, articles, and programs. I have created a Clutter & Space Clearing Audio to quickly and easily disentangle you from all your stuff!
Release any emotions associated with all of your belongings to allow you to have clarity about what you truly want to keep in your space and what you are ready to let go of with now!
Alright, I've given you a lot to play with this week. Take your time digesting the info and applying it to your life. there is no rush, but also be aware when you are dragging your ass! As always have fun and much love to you all :-)



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