A Fresh Start

change goals success Dec 28, 2016

It's that time of year again when people start thinking about the changes they want or need to make in their lives. The infamous "New Year's Resolutions" most often include losing weight, sticking to an exercise plan, quitting smoking, spending less money, making family time a priority, etc. These are all great ideas, but I always wondered why we had to make these choices one day a year and then when we most likely failed at keeping the resolutions we just labeled ourselves failures and then wait until January 1st of the following year to try again. A pretty dumb idea if you ask me...


I'm a big believer in making daily choices, better yet, moment by moment decisions. One of the ways I was able to lose so much weight and keep it off was by avoiding the common thoughts like Oh I'll start on Monday. So if I missed a workout or ate something that wasn't in alignment with my plan I would simply get back on track at the next meal or start my workout the next day.If I made an excuse or told myself, I'd start every Monday each time I got off track I would have never accomplished anything!

There's also this big misconception that things have to take a long time to change. Yes, some things do take longer than others, but you'd be very surprised how many things can shift permanently in an instant! The first thing is to decide what you want. No need to figure out how you're going to get it, just decide you'll have that particular thing. As you go about your days, be nice to yourself if you ever feel like you've messed up or gotten off track from your goal. It's not about perfection; it's important to get yourself refocused as soon as possible. 

Thinking of it as a one-time thing never works. Practicing daily in each moment is the key. Be nice to yourself and know that you don't need a particular day to make a change. Choose any day or time you like and let go of all the stuff that's no longer in alignment with you and your goals and allow yourself to step in realizing your dreams entirely. There is no time as good as right now! Much love and light to you all!



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