The Holiday Trap

A funny thing happens during the holidays. People who are already maxed out and stressed out suddenly add even more to their to do lists. The sense of obligation is intense this time of year. With work parties, family gatherings and shopping; when is there time to rest and do things for yourself? 

Many people struggle with taking time for themselves all year round. Lots of us, especially women are taught to take care of others first. But always putting others needs first can be detrimental to our well being. We can also start to harbor a lot of resentment towards others and even towards ourselves for not setting healthy boundaries. The guilt that often comes with setting boundaries is a big sticking point fo most of us.  Feeling we should do this or that because its family and you gotta put family first. Or giving gifts to people we don’t really know or like. It is all very draining and not honoring of you.

Understand that you really don’t have to do all these things just because they are expected. You can tell people no, when you really aren’t interested in attending a party or opting out of a last minute shopping trip for that one person you forgot to get a gift for.

You may feel uncomfortable and worry people might judge you or be angry with you for saying no to things. They might and that’s ok. It is much better to have others be disappointed with you for a few moments than to be frustrated with yourself for not standing your ground.

I wonder what would happen if you were just honest and told people no when you mean no? What if knowing your limits and expressing them turns out better than you could have imagined? What if being well rested and doing things in alignment with you actually allows a more balanced happier version of you to show up? From my own experience, that’s most likely what will happen.So stop thinking the worst. You aren’t going to ruin everyones day by saying no to something and you may even find they are relieved you stood your ground. 

I hope you all are doing well and being consistent with putting your needs first! If you have been, I am sure you’ve noticed tons of positive changes in your life. Keep up the great work! Much love :-)



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