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On the journey to a healthier body, I realized many things contributed to achieving my goals. We always hear about exercising, eating the “proper” foods and we all know those things are important. But, what most people don’t realize is that if you are significantly overweight, your skin is going to change, and often very drastically! 

I have had numerous people say to me over the years that they want to lose weight and get healthy, but they are terrified of sagging skin. Unfortunately, the fear of sagging skin has kept many people from following through their fitness goals. But I’m going to share some skin tips that I have used myself that have helped me tremendously during my massive weight loss.

What you need to realize is that you didn’t gain all the weight overnight, it took time to stretch out the skin, so don’t expect it to snap back overnight. Be easy on yourself and your body, it's been through a lot and adapted to it amazingly well! The most important thing is to stay hydrated; yes we know most of us need to drink more water, so do it! Second, start doing resistance training. Building more muscle mass will help your skin amongst having many other fantastic benefits. Third, use a good quality skin brush, this helps with circulation and detoxification too. Last but not least, use a foam roller, this helps massage out muscle adhesions and get your muscles back to their proper length.


Tightening the skin after weight loss is a subject very dear to my heart as I’ve been through it and I’ve also seen others put in so much work to get healthy only to be ashamed of the sagging of their skin. *Follow these tips*, they help! Stick with your fitness goals and know that your skin will tighten up, often much more than you realize. Be consistent, steady with your program and avoid losing weight too fast, that way your skin has time to adjust to the weight loss. 

Remember to consistently send your amazing body lots of love!






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