Let's Get Lucky!

fame luck lucky money prosperity Mar 01, 2018
Many years ago, I read an article that really stuck with me. In the article, the woman was pointing out that since we are making everything up, why not make it good?
I thought the idea was genius and I had truly never thought of it that way. Considering most of us are told to be realistic, whatever the hell that means, this new idea to make things up in a good way blew my mind!
Yes, I had heard and read so much about positive thoughts, but the way this person worded it felt way more empowering and fun than most other ideas!You are much more likely to stick with something if you think it’s enjoyable. I’m a big believer in making things simple and practical. We are bombarded with so much info each day that I really love anything that is to the point and super effective!
One way you can use this technique is where luck is concerned. Have you ever noticed someone who always wins? Any games they play, contests they enter, heck they may even have multiple occasions of avoiding near death! I’ve known a few people like this. What I noticed they all have in common is that they will very calmly affirm they are just lucky.
Now by the time you have enough experiences and outside evidence to prove you are lucky it will seem much easier to claim you are a lucky person. But, what if you just start saying and acting like you are lucky right now!? You don’t have to wait for proof, or other peoples permission. It’s your mind to think whatever you like. So would you rather allow your mind to be filled with all sorts of self-defeating stories or would you be willing to play around with the idea that you are indeed a lucky person?!
You may have all sorts of ideas or beliefs about what luck even is. When I say lucky I’m just asking for more ease in life. Knowing that I am worthy and deserving of good even amazing things to happen to me and in my life on a regular basis. Please avoid overthinking it as overcomplicating things will keep you stuck in the same old stories. Allow yourself to ponder if you believed you were lucky what would your life look like?
If asking how your entire life would look seems too overwhelming, you can ask How would a day in my life as a lucky person look like? I’m not sure who said it but I always loved this quote,
Speak what you seek, until you see what you’ve said.
Have fun this week knowing you are lucky because you said so! Much love and as always have fun with all of this! :-)

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