Let Love In

It’s the week before Valentines Day and whether you love it or hate it; this time of year can certainly bring up some old memories. Now I’m not saying that all relationship memories are wrong, but let’s be real..I’m sure we’ve all been disappointed in this area before. 


Now is an excellent time to let go of old love junk finally! Walking through stores and seeing walls of stuffed animals, chocolate hearts and flowers can be very triggering for some. Just hearing or seeing the word love can spin some people into a downward spiral. But, being triggered is a great thing. It means you have some current stuff that is super ready to shift out!

First, notice what’s triggering you. What are the memories that are coming to mind and where do you feel the tension in your body associated with them? Perhaps you’re comparing yourself to others. Things like; they have a relationship, I don’t. Or you notice all your past romantic relationships had a similar pattern. Now is the perfect time to be real with yourself. Rather than beat yourself up about all that went wrong, or project into the future all that can go wrong in the next relationship. Take a breath and just choose to let all of that go! No figuring out what happened or why just finally let yourself be free from all of that. You do not need to suffer eternally for what occurred in the past. You can start right this moment creating new types of relationships.

Maybe you have some actual physical clutter from an old relationship that you’re ready to let go of, do it! Perhaps, you feel that you’d like to write a letter to a particular person for closure, even if you never give it to them. Also, pay attention and catch any negative thoughts or attitudes that you have about individuals who are in relationships. If you notice yourself rolling your eyes, thinking love is stupid, or oh yea they’re happy now, let’s see how long this lasts. Realize you can’t attract a happy, healthy relationship if that’s what you want if you’re judging the crap out of others who already have it. Be happy for them and refocus on what YOU want??! 

Make a list of how you’d like your relationship to be, even if you’ve never had that in a  relationship before. You are creating your life, and you can have the relationship you’ve dreamt of. No need to ask anyone’s permission,you’re not obligated to keep building the same old relationship or mimicking others relationship patterns. Get clear on what you want and allow yourself to have it, it’s possible!!

Much love, have a fantastic week!




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