It's All Too Easy!

Things are getting way too easy, aren’t they? As I look around, I see books, blogs, and even videos focused on problems. I often overhear conversations and listen to others tell me how hard things are like its a badge of honor to do things the hardest way possible. I usually look at them a little perplexed and ask them if they even noticed how many times they said things were hard in the last 10 min of us chatting. Sometimes they are surprised and say that they don’t want things to be hard anymore if there’s any change, things could be easier. Other people look at me like I’m crazy, and say, but it is hard, that’s just how life is.


There’s this big misconception that life is hard and that to actually achieve anything you need to go through some struggling, suffering, and hardships. The more challenging the obstacles you overcome, the better. Heck, look at all the singing and dancing shows on tv, they all have to showcase the most uncomfortable or unpleasant life experiences and somehow that makes them more worthy of winning the competition. But, what if things don’t have to be hard? What if you can choose to do things more easily? You would still feel just as fulfilled and satisfied, probably more so; than forcing yourself to endure shock/trauma and difficulties at every turn. 

Take notice of how often you say things are hard or you think, oh that’s not going to be easy. Doesn’t matter the subject, just really be aware of how much you’re saying and operating from that old paradigm. Realize that each time you say or think that, you are creating that as your experience and reinforcing it.

Do you want to experience life as one battle after another? Doesn’t matter how much hardship you’ve gone through or witnessed.You don’t have to live that way, regardless of what others are choosing. You can decide now that you’re going to be open to things being easier for you. Only opening up to the possibility of more ease in your life can significantly increase your ability to see opportunities you never noticed before. An Excellent question I often ask myself is, 'what would it take for this to be easier and more enjoyable?' I use it anytime I catch myself feeling a bit grouchy and making things unnecessarily hard for myself. Enjoy the rest of your week, remember to have some fun!


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